Join our webinars on IOT and smart manufacturing

The third international meeting of the TalentJourney project is going great! The partners are taking stock of the implementation of the project, and especially they are working intensively through workshops and online laboratories to prepare the activities of the next … Read More

Third international partners meeting

The Third International Partners’ Meeting/Workshop was foreseen to take place in Italy in November. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, once again it will not be possible to travel and to meet in person. Despite being sorry for not having … Read More

Whats hot in Finland in automation

Finnish magazine Automaatioväylä’s latest issue tells what’s hot in Finland in field of automation ( Automaatioväylä serves as the professional magazine in the field of automation in Finland. Here are few things to strengthen our thoughts on Talent Journey. Artificial … Read More

Smart internship on green technology

The collaboration between ISIS Malignani of Udine and local businesses has always been a distinctive and qualifying element of the institute, which, even in this moment characterized by the health emergency, has shared with the industrial fabric of the territory … Read More

Artificial intelligence: what it is and why it matters

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines”. When we talk about the intelligence of machinery, we refer to “the ability of the machine in understanding its environment [human language] and the corresponding actions it takes [reaction]”. … Read More

Working group meeting at Mahle EDS

One of the main results we are pursuing through the implementation of activities within the Talentjourney project is the development of a joint curriculum. A lot of efforts are put to design joint curricula that will enable the learners and … Read More

Teaching IoT skills: some insights

Despite the lockdown for coronavirus, the activities planned for the Talentjourney Project continued in June with remote web calls at ISIS Malignani.    The preparation of an interview with EFL partner has been the starting point, for a group of teachers, to reflect on the main aspects of teaching regarding IoT related … Read More

Smart robotics systems in mass production

When it comes to mass production the trends of robotics include smart robotics systems. The aim is to upgrade the current robotics system, to the point where it can ensure education and project work for high school students, higher education … Read More

Talentjourney 2.1 Report

Skills Data Collection for Connectivity Devices and Services/CDS (IoT in Smart Manufacturing) We are pleased to publish a report prepared as part of the research on the needs for skills and knowledge in the field of IoT.

Predictive maintenance in industry 4.0

One of the biggest advantages of Internet of Things (IoT) for manufacturers is that it allows them to adopt a smarter approach. The continuous analysis of assets’ behavior data improves their efficiency, but there is also another important aspect: it … Read More