Artificial Intelligence Multiplier Event at School Center Velenje

From 2019 onwards, School Centre Velenje is partners with University of La Coruna, which is also the holder of and developer of learning units in the project Developing an artificial intelligence curriculum adapted to European high school, with representatives from Finland, Italy, Lithuania and Spain. This time, from the 13th to the 18th of May, our Electrical and Computer Engineering School of School Centre Velenje was hosting all partners.

In the 3 years we have been developing ways of including artificial intelligence content into high school with the help pre-prepared learning units. Slovenia is one among the few countries that does not have algorithmic subject thinking included in the curriculum, as was highlighted by our headmaster Simon Konečnik in the lecture that was part of the Multiplier event. At our international meeting we had two days for programming and setting up natural environments for the operation of artificial intelligence.

On Tuesday we organized a Multiplier event, which is one of the requirements of Erasmus projects where we hosted the project manager dr. Francisca Javier Bellas Bouzo from UDC, dr. Peter Peer from FRI and project manager dr. Nataša Meh Peer and Electrical and Computer Engineering School headmaster Simon Konečnik who lead us through the project.

In the end, the participants were shown classrooms and workshops for practical lessons at the Business to Business Centre Velenje, which is part of the School Centre Velenje.


Author: Natasha Meh Peer

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