Implementation of the international curriculum between the Nova Gorica School Center and SATAEDU in the framework of Talentjourney

A group of students and teachers from our partner school SATAEDU from Finland performed twelve-day group mobility at the School Center Nova Gorica in the period from 29.3. to 9.4.2022.

Students from the field of ICT and electrical engineering and automation, together with a group of students from Šolski center Nova Gorica, developed solutions related to the virtual environment that will contribute to the sustainable development of modern cities, including Nova Gorica. The main guideline was the promotion of green technologies and sustainable development.

In the Learning Manufacturing Laboratory (UIL), students worked under the guidance of teachers and mentors. They learned the basics of 3D modelling with Blender and put together a simple game using Unreal Engine.

The students suggested ideas that could be developed, then, with the help of mentors, they defined these ideas in more detail and tried to turn them into reality the following week.

Three groups, three suggestions. The first group decided to present the development of the Solkan Bridge, which is the world’s longest stone arch railroad bridge, over time. In the Blender3D program, they drew the entire bridge and then inserted it into the scene where it is possible to view the building from 5 different angles. By pressing the buttons where certain years are listed, the bridge is displayed as it was at that time.

Another group moved part of Nova Gorica to a virtual environment. They recreated the city in Blender and then, with the help of Unreal Engine, enabled users to walk around it and see or find e.g. main tourist attractions, charging stations for electric cars… Nova Gorica was presented as a city of the future, where robots play football, drones deliver mail and are large green areas with running water, where people walk, relax, maybe exercise and even work.

The third group, however, undertook modern planning of city development. They have developed an app for Android phones that allows you to walk through a virtual futuristic house or office building. The house was drawn in 3D with the help of Blender3D and equipped. The application also makes it easier to imagine how various public buildings and other facilities will be placed in the space.

Students worked in small groups. It was important to us that each member of the group contributed to the development of the solution, as they have different knowledge and have complemented each other in this way. Students learned not only the technical aspects of their field but also important soft skills (communication, responsibility, flexibility, joint search for solutions…).

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