Talentjourney Service Blueprint

The vision of our “Platform for CDS VET excellence” is to “Design a collaborating and engaging ecosystem where everyone can grow into a satisfied person and successful professional” in the selected CDS field (Talentjourney).

To develop, maintain and retain our Talentjourney the project needs to design two stakeholder ecosystems that are strong connected and work simultaneously with each other, the regional and the EU ecosystem. The regional ecosystem consists of VET stakeholders such as: VET providers, employers, learners, associations of sectors, regional authorities, research centres, chambers, technological parks/incubators, universities of applied sciences etc. The EU stakeholder ecosystem consists of project’s partnership that will bring and contribute to the regional level, excellence in people (learners, teachers, trainers, leadership, business experts, training managers in companies etc.), knowledge, skills, mindset, trends at the sectoral level, expertize, experiences, new models, new business and VET processes, ideas. At the same time the regional stakeholder ecosystem brings and contributes the same benefits to the EU ecosystem. Both ecosystems benefit from each other. They represent the constantly rotating circles of people and stakeholders by sharing and networking.

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Deliverables of the project