Professional development of modern VET teacher and leadership and industry experts

For establishment and sustainability of Talentjourney one of the crucial factors was to train the key actors (VET teachers and company trainers/experts as tutors and VET providers’ leadership) to be able to understand why the changes are necessary, to be able to design and support new educational/training processes and to be able to deliver curricula with knowledge flows and according to new era economy and society demands by introducing new approaches, ways and methodologies into educational/training processes- towards the excellence.

To challenge this issue the partnership  organized professional trainings for teachers, company trainers/experts and VET providers/company leadership for designing new educational processes, introducing new pedagogical approaches, ways and methodologies for delivering curricula according to new era economy, new era society demands, as well as professional trainings for teachers, company trainers/experts for professional skills in the field of Connectivity Devices and Services/CDS (IOT in smart manufacturing) towards user oriented, user friendly and eco-friendly solutions – towards the excellence.

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Deliverables of the project