Talentjourney pilotings

During the course of the project Talentjourney project partners performed several pilotings that covered the themes related to the project.   You can check the recording on the links below: Enterpreneurship and Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning The World of Cyber Security Cybersecurity training A virtual presentation of the company Kolektor Group IPC […]

Cobots and Machine Vision webinar

Webinar: Cobots and machine vision Lecturer: Klemen Zaponšek, engineering teacher at School center Velenje Date: 25th January 2022   This webinar WILL review the use of machine vision in automated robotic processes. We will also discuss the use of collaborative robots in industrial automated applications. With this, robots have the ability to visually detect objects, […]

Robotics in Industry 4.0 webinar

Webinar: Robotics in Industry 4.0 Lecturer: Klemen Zaponšek, engineering teacher at School center Velenje Date: 18th January 2022   Industry 4.0, also known as the fourth revolution, is a new era in which the industry will be dealing with technologies such as connecting robots and controllers. individual subsystems in the cloud. This allows them to […]

The School centre Nova Gorica joined the GRETA initiative

The School centre Nova Gorica, as the Centre of VET excellence, joined the GRETA initiative and attended yesterday the Kick-Off Meeting for GRETA – Greening Responses to Excellence through Thematic Actions, organised by ETF. There were 17 Centres of Excellence (CoVEs) participating from 8 different countries: Armenia (1), Georgia (1), Latvia (1), Serbia (1), Slovenia […]

Data Science: Business Analytics

We are inviting you to the lecture from the field of Data Science. Date: 14th January 2022, 12:15 – 13.00 Lecturer: Diana Radjabaeva Language used: English Hey, my name is Diana Radjabaeva, I live and work in Slovenia for nearly 3 years. And I am passionate about data. Analyzing performance as analyzing anything in life […]

Talentjourney at the international conference ‘Creative Learning Environments’

Nataša Kristan, Saša Kocijančič and Sašo Bizant actively participated at the international conference “Creative Learning Environments” which was held on 10th November 2021 in Laško with the paper Introduction of a Joint Curriculum. Summary of the article: Industry 4.0 is on the march, the development-oriented economy is introducing revolutionary innovations. Within a few years, the […]

Upskilling and reskilling in the post-covid era: fostering new services and jobs creation – three scenarios for 2030: final report

Policymakers at EU, national and regional levels need to work efficiently with all relevant stakeholders (industry, social partners, education and training providers, researchers etc) to equip Europe with the skills for the future by 2030. Europe has set ambitious targets for this in the European Skills Agenda, the Digital Decade and the EU Industrial Strategy, […]

IoT value set to accelerate through 2030: Where and how to capture it

New research shows that the IoT offers significant economic value potential through 2030, but companies must achieve scale to capture it. In 2015, the McKinsey Global Institute published a research report entitled The Internet of Things: Mapping the value beyond the hype. The report analyzed the economic potential that the IoT could unleash through consideration […]