TalentJourney’s Final International Conference – The Only Constant is Change

The TalentJourney final conference took place on Friday 15th of October on Zoom. It gave the partners on the project and the work package representatives to introduce the results and findings as well as comprehensively present the work done on their particular fields and share their experience working on the project and advice for further development of the platform and similar projects in the future.

The first speaker, Head of MIC Nova Gorica Adriana Hodak, representing the project leader SC Nova Gorica, opened the conference with a short retrospective of project results and a brief look behind the scenes of the project. Project work timeline began with skills need research of IoT in smart manufacturing, followed by building structures for professional development for VET teachers, leadership and company trainers on one hand and development of trans-national vocational curricula and life-long trainings in IoT on the other hand. After that it was time to test these first results in practice, by piloting trans-national IoT vocational curricula, life-long trainings and virtual IoT master classes. The results of this stage can be found as recordings on the TalentJourney platform. TalentJourney helped develop four IoT demo labs in four European countries. Project partners developed design personas, user journeys, a service blueprint for Platform for IoT VET excellence for regional and international ecosystems. All this columnated into design and development of a digital platform to promote this Platform for IoT VET excellence and its services and ended with signing of a partnership memorandum of understanding for common and sustainable collaboration inside TalentJourney.

The second speaker, Madeline Langlois from The European Institute for Innovation-Technology (EIFI-tech), project partner which led the second work package, Skills Data collection for Connectivity Devices and Services/CDS (IOT in smart manufacturing) towards user oriented, user friendly and eco-friendly solutions leading towards Trans-national CDS vocational curricula and life-long trainings-ideation. Ms Langlois introduced the work of TalentJourney’s international steering group and the findings of the second work package, including the state of the industry and economy in Europe as relating to IoT and smart manufacturing, the measured and predicted work force shortages, including 1 million new jobs in smart manufacturing and 2,4 replacement work positions due to retiring work force in EU until 2025.

Work package 3 was introduced by Anja Poberznik from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK). The work package consisted of Training design and delivery framework, Training materials design, Master class trainings and plan for Sustainable and Continuous Professional Development. During the project 8 professional trainings and 3 master class trainings were prepared, implemented, recorded and posted on TalentJourney platform. Ms Poberznik exposed the importance of timely marketing and good communication between all stakeholders, of issues with attracting learners and motivating them for further learning. SAMK’s Peter Virtainen presented a detailed plan for implementation of trainings with required steps and guidelines.

Work package 4, preparation of Trans-national vocational curricula and life-long trainings in the manufacturing sector with the special focus on Connectivity Devices and Services/CDS, was led by Sataedu and presented by Jari Pentinmäki and included the look into the process of creating 17 joint curricula modules, 19 life-long learnings and 12 professional trainings and setting up of demo labs.

The fifth work package, Service blueprint for “Platform for CDS VET excellence” at regional and EU level was presented by Frans Joziasse form the PARK Frans Joziasse GmbH. Service blueprint visualizes organizational processes among the project partners inside the services of TalentJourney at EU level by optimising the user experience. It is the activity of planning and organizing a business’s resources (people, props, and processes) in order to directly improve the employee’s experience (leadership, HR, teacher, company trainer/expert etc.), and indirectly, the end user (learner, VET teacher/tutor, company trainer/expert) experience.

The work packages were rounded out by the last work package leader, SC Velenje. Igor Doler form MIC Velenje introduced the finished (but always evolving) platform TalentJourney and its functionalities.

The final part of the conference was attached to the the closing event of the international COVE hackathon which featured two key speakers, João Santos, Senior expert in the Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs, and Inclusion at the European Commission and and Jernej Česen General manager at Outfit7, a successful worldwide company which represents a dynamic force in mobile gaming (the company best known for developing the character and universe of virtual cat Talking Tom). The speakers shared their experience working with COVE’s and in modern multinational company that has risen from new technologies. They were followed by presentation of hackaton groups and the declaration of the winner of the hackaton.

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