Smart robotics systems in mass production

When it comes to mass production the trends of robotics include smart robotics systems. The aim is to upgrade the current robotics system, to the point where it can ensure education and project work for high school students, higher education and for company workers. With upgrade of the current systems and introducing of new technologies like collaborative robots, computer vision, IoT, machine learning and others we can create an environment where many different people from different fields of knowledge and interests can collaborate.

IoT brings a lot of advantages stemming from controlling and monitoring machines through internet. The main goal is to make robots connected to IoT network and connect monitoring of robots from anywhere and to get the data for future processing. The plan is to connect different robots into same IoT network and monitor them through a web application. So many different services in areas of the IoT devices bring many advantages but that also brings the disadvantages. One of the key weaknesses is security, which we as consumers do not check because we do not have enough knowledge, even though it would be necessary. The security feasibility of IoT devices is a key issue, since a website can allow attackers to unlock the doors of your houses, light a fire in a fireplace, and so on. The consequences of such attacks can in the extreme cases thus be vast. The goal is to make our system secure and modern using latest standards in IoT / technology 4.0.

High school students can learn the basics of robotics, how to handle them and how to use them in basic situations. With many sensors and actuators, they can better understand the automation tasks. The implementation of collaborative robots ensures a safer working environment. Students in higher education can learn how to connect a processing line and get the data on a server and experience new technologies connected to industry 4.0. With machine vision and machine learning they can learn about the smart systems.

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