Robotics Engineering EQF4 (3 years) Piloting

On 7th of October Sataedu organized a piloting session for the new joint curricula module Robotics Engineering EQF4 (3 years) level, Piloting VR robot cell in conjunction with a real Robot cell.

Webinar was held using MS Teams and we had gathered three VET schools to participate and follow our piloting. We were testing two parts of the module; using a robot cell and performing maintenance and service. We re-used the robot cell to check the influence of changes. Robot cell provided a problem solving, critical thinking and knowledge retrieval during the piloting. Robot cell had an error due to shortage of wooden blocks. We wanted the robot to find out with proper sensor to sense when the blocks are out and to have the robot stopped by itself when out of blocks.

Student used VR robot cell to be able to safely go inside the robot cell and to determine a proper sensor that will work with wood. Student chose a capacitive sensor which worked fine with the robot in VR application. After the VR tutorial & sensor installing the student made a real sensor installing to the real robot cell. Modifications were done and the robot cell was tested with the capacitive sensor and the student found out that it is working as he planned.

Student was interviewed about the VR experience and shared that it is both fun and educational. We had two other students piloting the VR and doing the  installation of the sensor. First piloting student worked as a mentor for the other students. We also had Pasi Porramo from Ade company sharing the latest insight into VR that is now in use in different schooling systems. He also showed their latest inventions and what to be expected in the field of VR.

With Re-use the robot cell to check the influence of changes, all changes were success and the students managed to upgrade the robot with the help of VR robot cell. Learning new things with VRapplication with VR-glasses is according the students both fun and educational. We’re very happy that we started VR-application co-operation with ADE during the Work Package 4 in TalentJourney. We hope that the latest technology will bring us more talented and above all enthusiastic new students.

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