Interviews with companies to get an insight into future skills

At the Talnetjourney project bench, we are already in the process of preparing a report on skills that companies have identified as essential for their future operations. To obtain this information and data, the project partners connected with the companies and conducted in-depth interviews with them. At the invitation of the Nova Gorica School Center, GOAP doo, a leading innovator and Z-Wave smart home modules, Intra Lighitong doo, provider of architectural luminaires and smart lighting solutions, responded. We also spoke with a representative of HIDRIA doo, a leading company for the development of innovative solutions for selected automotive and industrial applications, and INCOM doo, whose product range is focused on high-quality ice cream and includes pulses, take away and catering ice cream, frozen cakes and frozen desserts.
We have been given an insight into future skill needs. However, all of them were guided by the need to devote more time to project work and how to apply the theory we get in school to practical experience, and how to improve logical and critical thinking.

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