First steps to empathize with stakeholders and map the ecosystem

To kick-start the first WP5 activities, PARK used the days scheduled for the Pori meeting to organize interviews with all partners, except EIFI-tech and Mahle (the interview with Mahle is planned to happen next week). The main objective for the interviews was to gather key insights for mapping the regional and EU ecosystems regarding VET Excellence in CDS/IoT in Smart Manufacturing. That comprises having a clear overview of stakeholders involved, the relationship and interconnection between them, and the different characteristics and processes that happen within these ecosystems.

PARK is at the current stage of consolidating the interviews, which will be soon shared with the partners. As gaps are identified, new stakeholders will be further interviewed – mostly companies or tutors and learners. After all interviews are finished, the main insights will be used to help the following deliverables: personas, ecosystem maps, and rough draft user journeys.

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