Robotics Engineering EQF4 (3 years)

This curricula will gives studend a holistic view and the latest information and knowledge from the field of CDS and Industrial Internet on Things. Students prepares, maintains and uses a robot cell.
Student knows the basics of electrical engineering and automation technology. Understands fundamentals of digital technology and basics of electronics measurements.
The student knows the most common robots and understands the general operating principles of robots, as well as understands the use of IIOT in data collection and control. The student becomes acquainted with the basics of robotics and computer network installations. The student delves into IIOT sensor technology and actuators. The student knows how to install and commission the robot using the correct materials and installation methods. The student is able to use a robot cell, make changes to the operation, understand the importance of safe and economical use. Operation can be done locally and remotely using IIOT. The student is able to service and maintain a robot, communication connections and document changes. Some of the maintenance tasks can be performed locally and some also with the help of IIOT.
Uses critical thinking and curiosity in solving problems. Problem solving skills. Knowledge retrieval skills and knowledge assessment skills. Installs a sensor, understanding from different sensors. Use of Robot cell and connectivity through VPN.
Utilizing digital solutions. Utilization competence of digital platforms, management and control skills of digital functions and utilization competence of solutions. Installation skills.

Learning from the best

Jaakko Niemelä
Master of Science in Technology. Senior expert, professional in automation and electricity.

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