Cobots and machine vision

This webinar WILL review the use of machine vision in automated robotic processes. We will also discuss the use of collaborative robots in industrial automated applications.
A cobot (collaborative robot) is a type of a robot for direct interaction of a human and robot in close proximity. Robots have the ability to visually detect objects, symbols, characters, colors, and they can do this work quickly and inexhaustibly. Thus, robots can automatically and dynamically manipulate objects that they have previously manipulated in a specific sequence and trajectories.
The aim of the task is to create a simple and flexible 2D standing vision system that simply sends and drops an application to the robot and sends information about the detected object, through which the robot then grabs a free-lying object in space and separates it into a storage tank.
The training will introduce you to cobots and machine vision.
Vocational teachers and educators who’d like to learn more about cobots and machine vision.
Knowledge about cobots and machine vision.

Learning from the best

Klemen Zaponšek
Engineering Teacher at Šolski center Velenje.

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