Robotics in Industry 4.0 webinar

Webinar: Robotics in Industry 4.0

Lecturer: Klemen Zaponšek, engineering teacher at School center Velenje

Date: 18th January 2022


Industry 4.0, also known as the fourth revolution, is a new era in which the industry will be dealing with technologies such as connecting robots and controllers. individual subsystems in the cloud. This allows them to communicate with each other, data to be stored and processed, and information to be transferred faster across the automation pyramid. The use of robots in industry around the world is on the rise. Robots have their advantages and limitations, but when used correctly, they provide better product quality with high precision in less time. The main goal of Robotics and Industry 4.0 is to improve productivity, produce a high quality product at a low price and meet customer expectations. In the webminar we will discuss the role of robotics and automation in Industry 4.0, the advantages and disadvantages of robotics in Industry 4.0, various challenges and its applications.

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