Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics at Tallinn University of Technology

In 1962, Department of Electronics was established at Tallinn Polytechnic Institute as Tallinn University of Technology was called then. Since then, teaching and research in the field of electronics has been conducted in the department. Since 2011, the department is called Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics (In 2017, Department of Radio- and Telecommunication Engineering joined Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics. Today there are 29 employees working at our department, conducting research and teaching teaching in various fields of measurement electronics, cognitive electronics and communication technologies.
Our mission

Our mission is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, innovation and research at the highest international levels of excellence in the field of electronics and telecommunications.

Core values


Encouraging and promoting excellence through creativity, rigour and pragmatism.


Making a significant difference in the world by collaborating across disciplines with risk-taking, creativity and innovation to address the biggest challenges of our time in our research field.


Being honest and ethical in all interactions, maintaining the highest ethical standards in teaching, research, public engagement and service.


Valuing and fulfilling the special obligations to the people of Europe and Estonia by supporting and building capacity for excellence that:

  • addresses needs and opportunities for Estonia;
  • engages the university community on matters of national and international significance;
  • recognises the dynamic opportunities presented by a pan-European cooperation.

Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics bears responsibility for sustainability of R&D and teaching in the field of electronics and telecommunications not only at our unversity, but also in Estonia.


Our department is attractive for talents, as we offer very advanced, practical exercises based course on BSc level, our excellent network of partner companies offer students attractive job opportunities in the future, etc.

Within the School of IT we cooperate with colleagues of cybersecurity and dependable electronics research groups, our students know the meaning of “security by design” in details.

Your life is flexible, so are we: Thanks to our flexible working options, you can achieve the perfect work-life balance.

We offer our employees the opportunity to develop themselves both professionally and personally.

Our employees are our greatest in an attractive remuneration package for everyone.

Suggestion and Innovation award scheme to reward your best ideas.

Occupational health support and advice.

Mentors from different departments will support you through your first two years.


We organize hackathons, seminars, provide thesis topics and supervision. We seek talents for admission by involving youngsters through the programmes mentioned above.


Did you finished college and do you want to start off on the right foot? We have exciting opportunities for recent graduates and international graduates.


Are you looking to find a technical or commercial internship, complete a thesis or take on a position as a working student? We would be happy to support you as best we can.

  1. TJS Department of Electronics is the member of Estonian Electronics Industries Association, we have close cooperation with Estonian electronics companies particularly in innovative health technologies and measurement electronics – cognitronics field
  2. TJS Department of Electronics offers higher education courses of electronics on BSc, MSc, and PhD level.


Contact person

Andres Eek

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