NeroSuBianco S.R.L.

NSB is a consulting company founded in 2004 in Mantova, initially focused on local development projects. In 2013 it expanded its focus by adding technology innovation services with a focus on digital transformation of production processes.
Our mission

We aim at minding the gap between SMEs’ way of working and Industry 4.0 requirements.

Core values

Be clear, transparent and straightforward: We love innovation but it has to be of the right size for the company.


We deal with innovative solutions on a daily basis.

None of our project manager focuses on one specific domain for more than 2 months. This means that talents will find great challenges and have the opportunity to learn a lot in almost any industry domain.

Your life is flexible, so are we: Thanks to our flexible working options, you can achieve the perfect work-life balance.

We offer our employees the opportunity to develop themselves both professionally and personally.

Our employees are our greatest in an attractive remuneration package for everyone.

Suggestion and Innovation award scheme to reward your best ideas.

Occupational health support and advice.

Mentors from different departments will support you through your first two years.


We are looking for software engineers or IT passionates to expand the potential of our “digital innovation unit”.

Process analysis and Industry 4.0 technology scouting are the fields where there is still quite a lot to do.


Did you finished college and do you want to start off on the right foot? We have exciting opportunities for recent graduates and international graduates.


Are you looking to find a technical or commercial internship, complete a thesis or take on a position as a working student? We would be happy to support you as best we can.

The permanent exchange with EU leading R&D and Technology Providers and the increasing demand for scouting and investment-oriented consulting services, gave birth to a new dedicated engineering unit based on an innovative consulting method called “FutureNow”.

The method supports SMEs in

a) analysing production processes before taking investment decisions,

b) identifying bottlenecks and analysing alternatives,

c) finding the most valuable technologies,

d) reducing the financial impact of new investments,

e) the adoption of identified technologies.


Contact person

Andrea Jester

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