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Länsirannikon Koulutus Oy WinNova is a vocational education provider for people of all ages, in or out of working life.
Our mission

As a provider of vocational training, we offer young people and adults quality career paths and at the same timewe are an active player in regional development and a developer of employment and business life.

Core values


  • Our cooperation inside and outside WinNova is based on reciprocity; we have a desire to share our expertise, help and support others. Only from this point of view can we expect the same from other people.
  • We are proactive partners and actively network both with each other and with working life and other stakeholders.
  • We strive to be open-minded and courageous, even in difficult times matters. We see difference as wealth.
  • We build trust and community by getting to know others and being worthy of trust. We actively participate in joint events.
  • We follow the agreed WinNova rules of the game even when the opponent does not.
  • We value, respect and encourage each other and strive always see the good sides in things and people as well.


  • We always strive for excellent quality in everything we do. We invest in the quality of teaching and learning environments.
  • We are constantly developing our operations based on the needs of our customers.
  • We value high competence and professionalism. We support and encourage self-improvement. We share our expertise and learn another from each other.
  • We strive for clarity regarding job descriptions, responsibilities, authorities, and operational processes.
  • We take leadership at every level and in every direction by taking responsibility for development.
  • We follow sound financial management in all our operations.


  • We follow a safe mindset and practice in everything we do. Security is everyone’s business.
  • We are setting a good example ourselves.
  • We follow safety instructions and rules.
  • We will address the grievances immediately.
  • We adhere to cleanliness.
  • We keep in mind our educational responsibilities.
  • We cherish peace at work and study.

Proximity to people

  • We value our colleagues, students and other partners as they are. We accept difference.
  • We treat each other equally and fairly.
  • We are open and honest in our dealings, not forgetting subtlety and good manners.
  • We value a good work atmosphere and working conditions.
  • We encourage each other to balance work and leisure.
  • We support the holistic growth and development of the individual.


  • We are personally responsible for responding to any service request we receive. We’ll find out if we don’t know.
  • We keep the customer up to date and give customer feedback quickly.
  • We keep our promises.
  • We will take immediate action if possible. We respond to messages quickly.

We are kind to others.

  • We are not provocative, we know how to act professionally.
  • We are an example to others.


During your studies, you can get student financial aid, including study grant, housing allowance and state guarantee for student loans school travel allowance if you are studying in upper secondary school or in initial vocational education Adult education allowance from the Education Fund if you have worked for at least 8 years.

Your life is flexible, so are we: Thanks to our flexible working options, you can achieve the perfect work-life balance.

We offer our employees the opportunity to develop themselves both professionally and personally.

Our employees are our greatest in an attractive remuneration package for everyone.

Suggestion and Innovation award scheme to reward your best ideas.

Occupational health support and advice.

Mentors from different departments will support you through your first two years.


WinNova offers a wide variety of educational services, vocational and professional qualifications and short-term courses for different types of customers.

  • Aircraft Maintenance *
  • Building Maintenance
  • Technology Construction
  • Vehicle Sector
  • Hairdressing and Beauty Care
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Cleaning and Property Services
  • Electrical Engineering and Automation Technology
  • Wood Industry
  • Food Production
  • Forestry, Nature and Environment *
  • Social and Health Care
  • Restaurant and Catering Services
  • Immigrant and Language Training
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Laboratory Technology
  • Logistics
  • Seafaring *
  • Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology
  • Process Industry
  • Safety and Security *
  • Surface Treatment Technology
  • Tourism Industry


Did you finished college and do you want to start off on the right foot? We have exciting opportunities for recent graduates and international graduates.


Are you looking to find a technical or commercial internship, complete a thesis or take on a position as a working student? We would be happy to support you as best we can.

WinNova has 5.000 students and 560 staff members (12/2020) WinNova is both Inspecta and ISO9001 certified.

Pori and Rauma Colleges, Pori Adult Education Centre and Innova merged into Länsirannikon Koulutus Oy and began providing educational services together 1 Jan 2010.


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Tiina Kallio

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