Industrial Computer Engineer

A Computer Engineer, or Software Engineer, is responsible for designing computer systems, software and hardware applications. Their duties include creating various types of hardware and software like routers, circuit boards or computer programs; testing their designs to correct defects and overseeing computer networks.

Computer Engineers must use many technical abilities and soft skills in their roles, including:

Programming skills

• Expert knowledge of programming and computer engineering best practices
• In-depth understanding of relevant programming languages, including Python, Ruby, Java and C#
• Familiarity with basic coding, program and design, such as HTML/CSS and database development

Management skills

• Understanding of integrated system management, content management systems and customer relationship management systems

Communication and collaborative skills

• Excellent communication skills, including speaking, writing and active listening
• Great project management abilities, including time management, prioritization and organization
• Good collaboration and teamwork skills

75.000 EUR per year

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