DOMEL, Elektromotorji in gospodinjski aparati, d. o. o.

We are a global development supplier of EC systems and components and maintain a leading position as a developer in the vacuum units market.
Our mission

Domel is a socially responsible company.

As a global developer and supplier of advanced solutions in the field of electric motors and components based on our own innovative technologies, we enable the growth and sustainable development of the Domel group, in this way providing quality jobs in the broader environment.

Core values

We are all creating a future together which is sustainable and viable in the long term. We are guided by our values, which are based on sustainable company development and social responsibility.

Creativity and ambitiousness

Work at Domel means a professional and personal challenge, where constant learning and personal development establish the foundations for greater creativity. We take time for thinking and innovative approaches, and we encourage new ideas, rewarding the good ones. We are constantly improving the methods and results of our work.

Responsibility and economy

Our motto is “I do what I say.” We always fulfil obligations and promises. In all circumstances and at all times we act rationally with company assets, as if this was our own property, while at the same time we strive to obtain maximum yields from the lowest possible inputs.

Respect and cooperation

We behave towards others as we would wish others to behave towards us. We do not permit disrespectful attitudes. Cruelty, unscrupulousness and conceitedness have no place here.
We are together for better or worse, we uncover and resolve potential problems, and we also celebrate together. We collaborate in setting and fulfilling goals, where we realise that we are a collective that can only achieve these goals through cooperation. For this reason we encourage the team method, we actively collaborate in teams, we encourage diversity of thinking, and we stress the importance of the individual’s contribution to the common result.

Care for customers and employees

Since we are aware that the customer is king, a rational openness to the customer’s needs has constantly been our competitive advantage. We have a plan and targets for working with clients. Our approach to clients is high-quality and genuine, meaning that we take time for clients, we seek out the best possibilities for price and quality, we are approachable, we create a pleasant atmosphere, and we are friendly, reliable and flexible.


We are proud to be Domel people. Employee loyalty is the cornerstone of our company’s existence and development, since it signifies the merging of career dreams and company goals. We are striving to create a comprehensive system for managing human resources. All employees are aware that it is important to identify with the harmonised goals, values, mission and vision of the company.


Vertical integration and a broad range of technological knowledge are our competitive advantages and we support employees for the continuous improvement of the key skills.

Our operating procedures feature high-tech equipment, automation, and robotization, which form the basis for building competitiveness and excellence. The strategy of growth is directed into sustainable innovative solutions and it is based upon knowledge of employees and in cooperation with universities and scientific institutions.

Your life is flexible, so are we: Thanks to our flexible working options, you can achieve the perfect work-life balance.

We offer our employees the opportunity to develop themselves both professionally and personally.

Our employees are our greatest in an attractive remuneration package for everyone.

Suggestion and Innovation award scheme to reward your best ideas.

Occupational health support and advice.

Mentors from different departments will support you through your first two years.


At Domel, we offer a wide range of exciting career opportunities in different fields.

Since we see continuous innovation and techology as an important pathway to the future, at Domel our Engineers are responsible for designing and manufacturing the innovative solutions in the fields commutator blowers, brushless motors and blowers, laboratory equipment and parts for different kind of industries.


Did you finished college and do you want to start off on the right foot? We have exciting opportunities for recent graduates and international graduates.


Are you looking to find a technical or commercial internship, complete a thesis or take on a position as a working student? We would be happy to support you as best we can.

Domel’s solutions are sustainable and innovative.

Our dedication to innovation has positioned us as a driving market force in several key technology areas such as universal vacuum motors, brushless DC blowers, brushless DC motors, including ultra-premium efficient permanent magnet synchronous motors. Domel is a development leader in the vacuum motor market. We create motion in professional and home appliances, such as floorcare tools, gardening equipment and power tools, in HVAC, in mobility, in industrial applications, in medicine and healthcare and in alternative energy sectors.


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