IoT and IIoT: strategies and good practices in the Veneto Ecosystem

A webinar on IoT and IIoT strategies and good practices took place on December 2nd. It was organised by Ecipa Scarl at the end of the Third International Partners’ Meeting. It represented an occasion for TalentJourney Partners and for other attendees to learn about IoT and IIoT strategies and good practices in the Veneto Ecosystem, and in particular how Regional Innovative Networks can foster innovation and share innovations in the field of IoT and Industrial IoT. The Network IMPROVENET was presented, as well as two of its interesting study cases: PreMANI and ADMIN 4D.

The webinar, which took place in collaboration with S3HubsinCE project (Interreg CE), had more than 150 attendees. It focused on innovation, and in particular on how regional innovative networks in Veneto are able to trigger transformation processes involving universities, companies, research centers and service providers (who become strategic partners). Professor Alessandro Beghi (UNIPD) talked about IMPROVEMENT regional innovative network, which is made up of a group of manufacturing companies, service providers with a high knowledge content and research subjects who intend to undertake a path of innovation by investing in information technologies (ICT – Information & Communication Technologies). IMPROVENET’s mission is to spread ICT technologies in the Veneto regional industrial fabric, to allow companies to be more competitive, productive and responsive to market needs, enriching the processes and instrumental products with services, to ensure maximum production efficiency. After this first part of the webinar, dedicated to Industrial IoT theory, during the second section of the webinar participants had the possibility to deep dive into two projects of the IMPROVENET network that have managed to develop innovation and make it tangible and useful for the market: PreMANI (represented by Gian Antonio Susto) and Admin4D (represented by Stefano Vitturi and Andrea Beretta). PreMANI Project has developed techniques that can address the issue of predicting the operating characteristics of machines and plants, combining the analysis of quality (of the product) with that of efficiency (of the plants), in a context that is described as Manufacturing Predictive. Admin4D involves the development of an innovative production system that collects technical, chemical and material composition information from the different operating parts of 3D printers, from the raw materials used and the materials that make up the finished products, and processes them in real time through specially developed algorithms.

At the end of the webinar, Professor Alessandro Beghi expressed his point of view on what could be useful advice for learners who want to approach these issues. It should be borne in mind that technological growth is happening at an unprecedented pace; therefore, continuous learning is extremely important. Among the subjects most in step with the times we can certainly mention statistics, analytics and mathematics tools, but it is really of key importance to always keep eyes open and attentive to new technological trends.

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