Working group meeting at Mahle EDS

One of the main results we are pursuing through the implementation of activities within the Talentjourney project is the development of a joint curriculum. A lot of efforts are put to design joint curricula that will enable the learners and others involved actors flexibility, open space for innovation and constant knowledge flows.

At ŠCNG we are working on the development of new contents and modules in the field of IoT in general, AI and Cybersecurity related to activities within work package 4 – development of a joint curriculum. At a joint working meeting with colleagues from MAHLE EDS, also a project partner, we talked about the most appropriate content of the modules, skills and knowledge that the company needs and should be provided by the school.

Our next steps foresee translating the suggested content into educational/training units and activities to achieve the defined learning outcomes; consider validation and recognition of individual learning outcomes including of non-formal and informal learning.

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