Whats hot in Finland in automation

Finnish magazine Automaatioväylä’s latest issue tells what’s hot in Finland in field of automation (http://www.automaatiovayla.fi/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Automaatiovayla_4_2020.pdf). Automaatioväylä serves as the professional magazine in the field of automation in Finland. Here are few things to strengthen our thoughts on Talent Journey.

Artificial Intelligence AI in action

AI is part of everyday life in construction and industrial pilot companies. The effort for large-scale exploitation of AI requires companies to have risk-taking capacity. Normally a smaller scare pilots are getting popular. In building industry’s piloting companies the Machine Vision is being used to identify e.g. recycled materials and the AI behind the Machine Vision can be thought without any coding at all.

Accorging to Glaston’s Kai Knuutia “Remote connection is not new, but real-time data collection enabled by IoT and advanced analytics based on it is a new thing” and their goal is to get artificial intelligence into everyday doing and all the mystique associated with it away.

Together with Silo. AI, the largest artificial intelligence laboratory in the Nordic countries, the Finnish Technology Industry’s Artificial Intelligence Accelerator is launching a new six-month acceleration cycle aimed at companies that are taking the first step in utilizing artificial intelligence. They say that “The first project must be easy and bring tangible benefits.”

There’s a digital twin coming, it’s a simulation out of a machine, just like an censor but simulates the machine with the data that can be measured – virtual censor.

Source: http://www.automaatiovayla.fi/in-english/

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