Third steering meeting: International Meeting and Workshops of Talentjourney

At the beginning of the year project’s partners’ plan was to meet in person in November, at the third international steering meeting in Italy. The COVID-19 pandemic and related measures taken throughout the EU once again prevented that. To keep on top of the schedule, the meeting (combined with workshops) was transferred online. The online version of the meeting took place soon after the end of the European Vocational Skills Week – at the end of November 23th up to  December 2nd (counting adjacent webinars).

The steering meeting began on Monday afternoon, with greetings and information about the agenda from meeting organisers Ecipa SCARL and ISIS Maligani and Talentjourney’s leading partner SC Nova Gorica. The afternoon continued with Presentation of reports 2.2 and 2.3 and concluded with WP 3’s section about Softskills trainings and pedagogics (including workshop).

The international meeting continued on Tuesday with focus on joint curricula development: ‘Workshop for module based trainings’ and ‘Workshop for Lifelong Learning Trainings’ (divided into 5 workgroups – AI/AR, CYBERSECURITY, ROBOTICS ENGINEERING, PRODUCTION PROCESS DEVELOPMENT and DATA SCIENCE). Project partners were divided into working groups according to their expertise CPI (Centre for professional education, Slovenia) took the role of the moderator and evaluator for all five groups.

Wednesday was dedicated to WP 5 led by PARK GMBH and during the day partners reviewed the work done on the work package and defined vision for Talentjourney and criteria for the Talentjourney platform.

We skipped Thursday and continued on Friday starting with WP 6, which deal with overview of communication tasks and smoothing out project partner communication activities and it was followed by conclusion led by leading partner SC Nova Gorica and general review of the work done so far on the project, and detailing future steps and activities planned.

In the following  week two webinars followed (on Monday 30th ‘Issues and challenges in IoT and smart manufacturing’  by ISIS MALIGNANI and on Wednesday December 2nd ‘IoT and IIoT: strategies and good practices in the Veneto Ecosystem’ by ECIPA SCARLI).

Meeting and included workshops enabled project partners to solidify work processes and plans. However, despite sucessfully concluded online steering meeting/workshops we all hope the circumstances will soon allow us to hold future meetings and workshops offline and that project partners and stakeholders will be able to meet in person.

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