Talentjourney and SMART work based learning

Talentjourney was presented in the occasion of the online closing conference of the Erasmus + KA2: Apprentice Track project entitled “Shaping the future of SMART Work-Based Learning” or “Smart Future”.

Apprenticeships at the Professional Higher Education level provide students with opportunities to build up new skills and knowledge both on and off the job, while providing companies a reliable way to evaluate and shape potential future hires, while at the same time benefiting from new perspectives which can only be offered by students straight out of education. However, despite their clear advantages, #apprenticeship systems are extremely challenging to manage. Poor management can lead to students being unsatisfied and not taking apprenticeships seriously, apprenticeships providing no benefit to students or decreasing their motivation.

It is clear that robust and structured communication channels with both enterprises and students, defined management systems, and clear evaluation protocols are necessary to manage such a complex process. To address the existing challenge, the ApprenticeTrack project (Smart Electronic System for Tracking Apprenticeships) has developed a digital management tool which will improve the quality of the apprenticeships and will make everyone’s life easier.

A prototype has the following components: management of identity, apprenticeship design, recording details of placements, assigning and documenting learning activities during placement, feedback & evaluation, assessment and reporting, as well as database of final credentials. The web platform to support the monitoring and evaluation of apprenticeships will:

  • Support digital transformation in PHE institutions (to be also environmentally friendly);
  • Establish requirements for students to report progress;
  • Assess the progress and implementation of practical training provided by employer and student;
  • Create a tool for helping companies easier to understand learning competences under framework of business skills;
  • Give students a better understanding of their positions and more opportunities for improvement;
  • Promote the benefits (to companies, students, social benefits);
  • Provide proof of learning outcomes and present learning outcomes at the core of apprenticeship experiences.

Its recording is already available and can be accessed from here.

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