Robotics Engineering EQF4 (3 years) Piloting rehearsal

Last rehearsal before the 7th of October Sataedu piloting session for the new joint curricula module Robotics Engineering EQF4 (3 years) level included Piloting VR robot cell in conjunction with a real Robot cell. We were testing all the software and hardware to be used in the real live piloting session. We tested all the cameras, microphones, placed the hardware so that the MS TEAMS’ participants would see and follow easily. We also tested and clocked the robot using VR-application and the wiring of the real robot. We were testing different movement speeds for the robot and tested the remote link with Logo! Everything needed to be tested so that the piloting day would work as planned.

We found things that needed to be done differentially and adjusted the timing and how everything looked in MS TEAMS. Our robotics team, including students,
worked really hard and it seems that this was a pleasant experience for everyone as the work was done quite unsolicited.

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