Wp 2.3 Trans-national CDS vocational curricula and life-long trainings-ideation

The Talentjourney transnational joint curricula developed within the project partnership will ultimately be used as a catalyst to roll out the concept across the EU vocational education and training (VET) system. The EU manufacturing industry skills shortages are well documented in the Talentjourney report 2.1 on skills gaps in Industry 4.0/IIOT in smart manufacturing. Forecasts of smart manufacturing Industry 4.0/IIOT future skills challenges are similarly defined by industry as an anticipated barrier to success during interviews and questionnaires within Talentjourney. There are several reasons for this, all with regional variations, as set out in report 2.1. However, a common theme is industrial digitalisation or Industry 4.0/IIOT, as it is changing industry’s requirements of a future skills base and shifting the nature of smart manufacturing work and job roles.

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