Quick balance of the Talent Journey Project seen from our side

Since this is our last article, it is a good opportunity to make a balance of our experience of the Talent Journey project.

To make a balance on the experience we used the technique of the interviews largely used in the design thinking approach to acquire insights from people. We kindly asked one another very simple open questions: “what TJ did teach you?”; “what is the most useful thing you learnt from this project?”; “what is the less attractive thing you got from it?”; “how is your teaching life changed after being part of the project?”.

We also would like to use this little article to ask you, our partners and new friends, to do the same and participate to write a new chapter of the European learning book.

At the end of the interviews, we carried out to each other in the last few days, it is possible to mention, among others, the following aspects: “TJ project (TJp) was a chance of compare actual high school educational curricula to the current industrial need”. “TJp let us analyse our own way of teaching and compare it to others, in other systems in other countries”. “TJp allowed us share the best practice of our system and acquire knowledge from others”. “TJp renewed the desire for exploration, putting new topics and ideas in our school programs”. “TJp made clear it is necessary to update curriculum to keep pace on the economic growth and community needs”. “TJp was the way to re-focus the vision of the own teaching profession”. “TJp was the opportunity to test new ways of learning (for example design thinking)”. “TJp confirmed the idea that strong co-operation is needed among all stakeholders in the digital transition (VET providers, industry, policy makers and learners)”. “During TJp we observed high interest from companies involved and started noticing benefits in terms of
collaboration especially in the LLL training area”.

Among less positive aspects: communication and temporal problems related to language, culture, and various academic systems, which are also caused by  isolation for the Covid without reports from partners, stakeholders, students and teachers. But in a way or another we made out of it. Thanks all!

At the end of the Talent Journey fair the Project met our expectations; the experience balance can be undoubtedly considered very positive especially because we had a precious chance of collaborating and talking to others with the same passion and profession as ours. We were able to introduce new concept of teaching (or
rather, learning) to our profession especially when we had a great chance to start teaching, with company professionals to the Long Life Learners.

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