About Talentjourney project

Creating an ecosystem that benefits all


1. Recieves high-caliber training and support within a creative and stimulating environment 2. Gains insight into IOT expertise and labor market job opportunities 3. Develops ideas and solutions for local industry


1. Provided with up-to-date knowledge and up-skilling 2. Practical learning through working side-by-side with company experts and researchers 3. Develops ideas and solutions for local industry

Company expert

1. Gets opportunity to work and shape future co-workers 2. Recieves constant up-skilling in the latest IOT expertise 3. Develops solutions faster as a result of teamwork

We are creating EU wide impact


Open, tolerant international culture which enables people to learn about each other, think critically of their own culture / abilities and stimulate learner and business cooperation between European countries.

Best standards

For delivering and sharing knowledge and developing contents to allow learners to develop their full potential with support that is not limited to capabilities of their local environment.


Keep searching for new talents, researchers, industry partners for Talentjourney to constantly grow and shape the European IOT talent network and IOT data collection.