Robotics engineer

Robotics is the intersection of science, engineering and technology that produces machines, called robots, that substitute for (or replicate) human actions. Robotic engineers are mechanical engineers who specialize in designing, building, and maintaining robots. Robots vary in complexity but all have mechanical and electrical hardware systems, employ various sensors, and are operated via complex software. Thus, robotic engineers are among the most rounded of engineers, requiring knowledge in a variety of engineering disciplines such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, and be knowledgeable of sensors, automation, and manufacturing.
Math and science skills

Robotics engineers need exceptional math and science skills as well as a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or a related topic.

Programming skills

As a robotics engineer programming is a crucial skill to master.
Concerning programming skills, some common programming languages to be fluent in include Java, C/C++, and Python, among many others.

Soft skills

Robotics engineers usually works with team members across multiple departments. Employers seek candidates who are able to communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing, collaborate with others, solve problems and think critically, adapt to new technologies and processes,d emonstrate leadership and take initiative.

In order to work as a robotics engineer, an individual will first need to earn a bachelor’s degree, ideally, a Bachelor’s Degree in Robotics Engineering. Courses in robotics typically include general training in pneumatics and hydraulics, numerically controlled systems, CADD/CAM systems, integrated systems, logic, and microprocessors. However, not all universities offer this degree. Since robotics technology relies heavily on the expertise of several engineering disciplines, employers will also accept a degree in electrical engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, mathematics, or computer engineering. In order to remain abreast of new changes and developments within the industry, working robotics engineers will need to continually update their technical knowledge. This requirement is generally satisfied by annual conferences, seminars, and training sessions.
83.000 EUR per year

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