Polycom benefits from 35+ years of experience in the development of injection process and products and 20 years of experience in the development of products for the automotive and other industries. Most of our products are sold on the demanding European market, with exports also shipped to countries in North, Central and South America and Asia.
Our mission

We are a reliable partner for our customers and business partners and a stable employer for prospective staff.

Our operations are socially and environmentally responsible.
We follow the principle: Near to the people and focused on the future.

Core values

Team work.

Only by working together can we offer solutions that are economical, innovative and elaborate.


By focusing on your wishes and needs we can rise to the biggest challenges.

Positive attitude.

We don’t shy away from challenges and we face them with responsibility.


We dare and are capable of great things, sometimes even exceeding your expectations.

Social responsibility.

Together with our customers we build a society that is responsible towards our fellow men and the environment.


We value knowledge and emphasize new ideas and solutions.


Our staff is one of the main pillars of our company. We realize that only satisfied employees, who believe in the company and their work, can obtain the best results, which is why we aim at a long-term development of our employees’ potential, regularly follow their improvement and actively encourage the development of creative and innovative ideas.

What we offer:

  • good working conditions
  • effective employment
  • open opportunities for education
  • care for safety and health at work

With an employee-friendly human resources policy we measure up to the demanding requirements of the market and build a strong loyalty to the company and our common goal.

Young people also get a mentor, with whom they are acquainted with different departments and job positions in practice and they gradually learn to work independently within the company.

In terms of apprenticeship, besides the statutory required apprenticeship program, as an apprentice we offer:

  • a scholarship contract with the possibility to continue your studies
  • a free hot meal during your apprenticeship period
  • free English tutoring
  • a flexible work schedule

With the help of mentors and cooperators apprentices will actively cooperate during their training for the acquisition of required needs as our future employee. Apprenticeship enables apprentices and us to have a better coordination between their education and our needs.

In our apprenticeship program young people gain the competences for working in our company and, at the same time, slowly adopt an independent approach to work and processes, present in our company on a daily basis.

In terms of scholarships we guarante:

  • mentoring in practical work
  • mentoring for seminar papers and final thesis
  • professional training
  • work on projects
  • employment after graduation

Your life is flexible, so are we: Thanks to our flexible working options, you can achieve the perfect work-life balance.

We offer our employees the opportunity to develop themselves both professionally and personally.

Our employees are our greatest in an attractive remuneration package for everyone.

Suggestion and Innovation award scheme to reward your best ideas.

Occupational health support and advice.

Mentors from different departments will support you through your first two years.


Due to rapid expansion, we constantly offer employment opportunities to experts from various fields but especially from the fields of mechanical engineering, tool making, mechatronics, technology, polymer processing, electrical engineering, marketing, economics and organization.

We strive to recruit professional staff with broad knowledge and experience that wishes to be actively involved in the development and growth of the company and are proactively seeking for opportunities for learning. We offer different possibilities for cooperation – from opportunities for career starters to financial support for education and professional cooperation for the acquisition of knowledge.

What we offer to young people:

  • scholarships
  • apprenticeship
  • work practice
  • student work
  • professional cooperation (in investigations, seminar papers, diploma thesis, etc.).


We also offer the possibility of a scholarship to prospective young people during the duration of their studies. We invest in the human resources of the future, which is why Polycom scholarships offer so much more than just financial support.

In addition to completing their studies, scholarship recipients are required to work for our company for at least as long as they receive company scholarship funding. Polycom publishes a call for scholarship applications for secondary school and university students studying in the fields of toolmaking, mechanical engineering, mechatronics and other related fields.

There is also the possibility of an apprenticeship. Apprenticeship is part of the system of Intermediate Vocational Education – 3-year programs – in which a minimum of 50% of the educational program is carried out in the form of practical training at the employer.


Did you finished college and do you want to start off on the right foot? We have exciting opportunities for recent graduates and international graduates.


Are you looking to find a technical or commercial internship, complete a thesis or take on a position as a working student? We would be happy to support you as best we can.

We specialize in the injection moulding of multi-component products and in complex injection moulding of thin-walled products.

A modern industrial park with more than 100 machines, allows us to perform injection moulding of technically demanding products that require a very wide spectrum of technical thermoplastic materials.

Polycom has extensive experience in injection moulding technology, knowledge on material processing and about material properties. The company has set the methodology for research and development, required for the automotive industry, applying methodologies which are needed in automotive industry, such as PPAP, FMEA, SPC, MSA, DOE and Taguchi. With a lot of experience in similar research area, the company has knowledge of designing a PRO ENGEENER, mod flow analysing, prototype making, material testing, measuring finished parts and improving the procedure.

We’re proud of the products we’ve developed for customers like Cimos and Volkswagen:

  • engine mount for BMW 13 (Cimos),
  • parts for electric steering rack mechanisms (Volkswagen).

We invest more than 5% of our sales profit in development.

We cooperate regularly and proactively in numerous Slovene and international development projects. This includes the development of new green materials for automotive industry applications. One such development project is BIL NaturTruck, where we collaborate in the production of biopolymers from renewable sources.

Our contribution to research and development is being recognized in numerous areas. We are involved in a number of national and international research and development projects: E! NGMOLDING, E! EPS, E! DBS, Eurostars! A++SILENCER, FP6, Pro4Plast, E! NG EPS, E! PolySocket, FP7, NaturTruck, Horizon 2020 in PolyHalter, PolyHousing, RNT-O, PolyFilter, PolyOilCushion and PolySystem.




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