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Founded in 1946, CNA – the Italian Confederation of Craft Trades and Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises – has over 621,000 members who employ over 1.2 million people. The CNA represents artisans, business owners, professionals, the self-employed and small and micro businesses in the tourism, services and industrial sectors. The broad reach of the crafts industry, in both major cities and small municipalities in Italy, is reflected by CNA’s widespread presence: over 8500 workers at its 1100+ sites, 19 of which regional and 96 local. CNA Veneto is the regional branch that represents small and micro enterprises operating in the craft and SME sectors in Veneto. It has its headquarters in Venice – Marghera.
Our mission

CNA Veneto mission is to protect and promote the interests of businesses in their relations with public institutions, employee unions and other regional business associations.

 CNA Veneto participates in all the consultation tables promoted by the Region and by the Local Authorities to decide the main policies to guide and support the Veneto economy and society; it carries out second-level trade union negotiation for all sectors of craftsmanship at regional level; it maintains collaborative relationships with other trade associations in order to strengthen the representation of the Veneto entrepreneurial system.

CNA Veneto also promotes and manages a services system aimed at the support and growth of associated companies.

Core values

The representation, protection and development of all micro, small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the craft, trade and tourism industry, and more generally of all business world and its associated forms, as well as of self-employment in its different expressions, of entrepreneurs and pensioners.

For over forty years, the CNA of Veneto has been working alongside artisans and small and medium-sized enterprises in the region to offer them support. CNA Veneto supports companies through ten regional Unions that group together the crafts. It promotes seminars and conferences to investigate both regulatory and legal aspects as well as economic and social problems. It coordinates the activities of the six provincial associations of the CNA present with their offices throughout Veneto Region.


CNA Veneto offers a dynamic environment: being aprotagonist and proactive player in the regional sphere, it offers its collaborators the possibility of a fully and hands on immersion in the social and economic dynamics of the territory.

CNA Veneto is characterized by a strong focus on welfare and training issues; it promotes the role of young people and women as protagonists of today’s businesses.

It is great opportunity to cooperate with CNA, talents will have the chance to understand how the socio economic tissue of region works, which are the strong points of the SMEs and the paths to be enlashed through the digitalisation for a new innovative competitiveness.

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CNA Veneto:

  • organizes study seminars, research, conferences on economic and social issues;
  • takes initiatives aimed at modernizing and developing businesses, strengthening theirs productivity and to favor the positioning of their product on the markets
  • identifies the needs of the SMEs in the management of the company, in the relationship with the market and with the environment in which the company is located, for the purpose of planning and organization consultancy and assistance services, representation actions and initiatives for business qualification.


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CNA Veneto is the regional branch that represents  small and micro enterprises operating in the craft and SME sectors in Veneto. It has its headquarters in Venice – Marghera.


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