The exciting worlds of virtual and augmented realities

Virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) have been around for a while now. As a concept VR is quite old, but only very recently it has become an available cost-wise to general public. VR actually dates as far as back to mid of 1800s but when compared to today’s VR we are at a different level. Today we have a possibility to create astonishing virtual worlds that can be photorealistic and almost touchable true like. Equipment to experience the VR varies and, in this training, we explain and demo different equipment that is out there.
We also explain and test the possibilities of AR and gamification. The training will demo what is VR, what kind of applications there are from commercial but also from industrial perspective, how to create content for such platform from 360-video to 3D-environment, gamification as a learning and rehabilitating tool and more.

The recording of the webinar is available on YouTube:



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