Enterpreneurship and Artificial Intelligence

Jan Medvesek is a technical co-founder of Emotech. Before joining Emotech, Jan got a PhD in Computer Science from UCL. Before joining Emotech, Jan worked on industrial Computer Vision projects across Europe and collaborated with Microsoft, MathWorks and BBC.

Emotech is an award-winning AI Startup based in London. We are dedicated to exploring multimodal systems that blend various machine learning algorithms, allowing for bespoke solutions to AI needs for software and hardware. Emotech was selected by TechCrunch as one of the Top 14 European Startups and Top 30 Business Cases in China by Financial Times. Since 2019, Emotech has focused on Core Speech Technologies and introduced the first multimodal AI Teaching Assistant solution launched in Huawei HDC and awarded the first London Business Award. Emotech has been in collaboration with renowned universities such as UCL, Imperial College, University of Edinburgh, Cambridge, Oxford, and Sheffield and CMU.

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