IoT Edge Computing 2020

Working with device data in IoT projects can be surprisingly expensive. Connecting devices directly to the cloud is one way to go, but more and more use cases are incorporating edge computing to great benefit. An edge device is internet-enabled but can process its data locally.

In this webinar, analysts from IoT Analytics share the latest market research on IoT edge computing. Based on examples from different sectors such as smart home, smart city, industrial, and building, the Bosch.IO experts explain how to make IoT edge projects more cost-efficient and get the most of your IT resources available across the network.

Join us to discuss how to speed up and streamline your project, and learn, which device issues can be tackled with a local edge-based approach.


  • The IoT edge computing market: overview & latest trends
  • From device to cloud: how to streamline an IoT edge project
  • Real-world experience in various industries and use cases
  • Lessons learned for solution & service providers

Target group:

  • Solution / service providers
  • IoT product engineers, software engineers, product owners, product managers, lead software architects

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