Establishment of the IOT platform in Slovenia

The purpose of the Talentjourney project is to bring together various stakeholders and experts at the local, regional, national as well as international level into an industrial IoT platform. The platform will be a meeting place, connecting and sharing knowledge between different professionals, teachers, researchers and learners.

To establish the IIOT platform and set the framework for its operation, an introductory workshop was held on Wednesday, 1 July 2020 at the Nova Gorica School Center premises with Slovenian school centres and Slovenian key stakeholders.

The work was based on networking and cooperation of company representatives, teachers and managers. Together, the participants sought answers to key questions for us, namely: what are and will be future processes in companies in the field of Industrial IoT, what kind of profiles will perform these processes and how will we successfully provide the necessary profiles to the economy.

The first challenge was an insight into the future, ie how we imagine the IIOT business model, what will be the main processes in it and what will be the main stakeholders involved. The importance of an orderly data collection system, monitoring the traceability of materials and then products, process automation and data analysis and processing were emphasized.

In the following, we discussed the most ideal competency framework for the “IIOT expert”. What professional knowledge does he need, what soft skills does he need to have, green skills, what personality traits, etc? Most of the working groups exposed team working, communication skills, readiness to learn, self-initiative.

The last part of our workshop was dedicated to finding out if we need to create a staff that will have a holistic view and knowledge given the great interconnectedness of professional fields or just a staff with specific knowledge. An interesting debate has erupted over the universality of knowledge versus specialist knowledge. There was no winner as we found that both were important.

The next workshop is foreseen at the beginning of September. Until then all the involved Slovenian partners must start working on designing the content of the joint curricula, more exactly defining the prerequisite knowledge and basic skills for entering the modules.

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