ECIPA Nordest partner

ECIPA Nordest is the Training and Services company of the CNA (Italian Confederation of Crafts and Small-medium enterprises) in the North East of Italy. Its headquarters are in Veneto Region, where in 2018 the manufacturing sector represented the 11,8% of enterprises. The socio-economic fabric of this territory is characterized by SMEs; however, there is still a broad gap between large and small businesses in the level of digitalization. This is one of the main challenges we are currently tackling through regional, national but also transnational projects, like TalentJourney.

One of the first activities carried out by TalentJourney partnership is in fact the collection of data on the skills that companies would need in the future. This is one of the first, fundamental steps towards the creation of a platform for VET excellence in the field of connectivity devices and services (CDS)/IoT in Smart Manufacturing, which stems from and contribute to an engaging ecosystem, where collaboration is essential to develop user-oriented, easy-to-use and ecological solutions.

Ecipa is also part of the Navigation Crew on IIoT, created within the Interreg Central Europe S3Hubsin CE. The navigation crew is a strategic task force, made up of relevant stakeholders and experts, which aims at generating a transnationally integrated network of innovative actors in this thematic priority area, to strengthen regional innovation ecosystems through enhanced knowledge exchange and joint-planning of concrete, market-focused, bottom-up actions.

Initiatives such as TalentJourney and S3HubsinCE bring a fundamental contribution in stimulating innovation processes, and encouraging the growth and strengthening the competitiveness of SMEs at local and international level.

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