Ecipa Hub is now part of the EUH4D federation of Data Driven Innovation Hubs!

As emerged through TalentJourney Skills Data Collection, Data driven innovation through intelligent use of data is already exploding, tied into the growth of AI and automation. VETs need to address the oncoming ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ through education and skills to equip future employees whilst re-equipping the current workforce. Ecipa, TalentJourney partner, has been selected among the new Digital Innovation Hubs to be the part of the federation of Data Driven
Innovation Hubs within H2020 EUH4D project ( This is an important achievement for Ecipa Hub ( and its partners ConsultArea and Interreg CE S3HubsinCE RIS3 Champion 42bit. One of the main challenges that EUH4D wants to address is in fact that most of Europe’s SMEs lag behind in data-driven innovation. To tackle this problem, it considers necessary to build a European federation of Data Innovation Hubs, based on existing key players in this area and connecting with data incubators and platforms, SME networks, AI communities, skills and training organisations and open data

Ecipa being part of EUH4D community can become a valuable asset to TalentJourney and its network, as it is an opportunity to strengthen collaboration with
industry. This collaboration is absolutely vital in the establishment of excellence in VET in the field of Industry 4.0/ IIOT in smart manufacturing, to provide user oriented, user friendly and eco-friendly solutions.


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