Desing Thinking Workshop

The aim of the Design Thinking training was to bring an user-centric mindset to leadership, and able them to respond to the challenges of the modern society and economy, behaviours of new generations, and at the same time became co-creators of our Platform for VET excellence -Talentjourney.

The workshop counted on collaboration between partners and stakeholders of the Talentjourney project (e.g.: learners, tutors, companies, VET providers), with the specific focus on building knowledge for leadership actors. Overall, participants learned about the main principles, methods and tools of Design Thinking; as well as immersed in the process (empathize, define, ideate, prototype and validate phases) through collaboration and action-oriented activities based on user challenges.

The feedback from participants was highly positive, as the workshop helped increase alignment in the project, spread learner-centricity, and reflect on pathways for Talentjourney.

You can find the recording of the workshop here:

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