Rainwater Assignment

How to utilize rainwater with help of IOT and later use it as irrigatin with remote control.
Student will build a rainwater assignment system which can be monitored and used remotely with help of programmable logics.
Two different programmable logics (PLCs) can be coded in a water process via a remote connection built via a mobile network. One logic controls the water process and the other a simple input / output unit. In addition, the results of the programming can be monitored using a webcam and a mobile apse. Lessons to be learned: remote connection configuration, logic programming and operation of various actuators
Uses critical thinking and curiosity in solving problems. Problem solving skills. Knowledge retrieval skills and knowledge assessment skills.
Utilizing digital solutions. Utilization competence of digital platforms, management and control skills of digital functions and utilization competence of solutions.

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Jaakko Niemelä
Master of Science in Technology. Senior expert, professional in automation and electricity.

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