MeWet home

In this exercise we have Beckhoff’s programmable logic in the MeWeT home. The logic is already in use and some sensors are connected to it, the information produced by which is directed to the database and made visible by a browser.
Student adds the sensor to the existing Beckhoff logic, configure the mqtt broker interface of the logic so that the sensor information is passed to the database in the cloud service and is still visible in the Grafana browser.
Student knows how to install sensor, configure Beckhoff, knows broker interface, knows how the data goes to cloud and knows Grafana browser. – Physical installation – IoT interface configuration – Understanding the IoT as a whole
Uses critical thinking and curiosity in solving problems. Problem solving skills. Knowledge retrieval skills and knowledge assessment skills.
Utilizing digital solutions. Utilization competence of digital platforms, management and control skills of digital functions and utilization competence of solutions.

Learning from the best

Jaakko Niemelä
Master of Science in Technology. Senior expert, professional in automation and electricity.

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