Developing soft skills through design process

Soft skills are becoming ‘harder’ every day and it might be that soon that’s the only thing required from us. So, time to practice! Enroll now!
Asking good questions is as important as answering them. Carefully facilitated design process can handle both. While following the path of great designer the learner can develop literally all of their 21ct skills aka ‘soft skills’. In this course we are doing the ‘full cycle’ from finding the problem to creating a solution. From finding the question and asking the question to answering it ourselves. The key is the facilitation and we aim to provide you a good example on how to perform that.
Ongoing industrial revolution is changing human workforce task allotment rapidly.  Human labor is working side by side with robots and AI focusing on creativity and problem solving in teams. It’s important to develop these skills and learn models how to teach them. Learning outcomes of this training:
  1. Learn how to facilitate and participate in hackathons
  2. Get a sense of how to holistically engage learners to use all the 21ct ‘soft skills’ in one flow
Structure of the training:
  1. Hackathon facilitation and a sample structure
  2. Research to identify problems
  3. Problem
  4. Design process practice
  5. NABC pitching
Training will prepare you to face futures technological uncertainties and turn difficulties to advantages. New technologies will create more job and business opportunities than reduce old ones. Coma and brainstorm new brave future! 
Teachers and educators who’d like to learn how to facilitate design process and run hackatons.
  1. Capacity to focus and prioritizing
  2. co-creation
  3. time management
  4. problem solving
  5. lateral thinking

Learning from the best

Santeri Koivisto
Soft Skills specialist, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences

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