Advanced Robotics in Smart Manufacturing

In this training we will take a look at state-of-the-art robotics in smart manufacturing, familiarize with collaborative robots and discuss the future of smart manufacturing from the advanced robots’ point of view. The main goal of this training is to open your mind to think the future again. Can we manufacture all the products with robots? What are the main challenges in balancing between human and automation?
Industrial manufacturing has been relying on robots for the past decades. Smart manufacturing processes are developing by using more and more robots as technology continues to enter the mainstream. These new robots will not be used only in the most monotonous or dangerous parts of the manufacturing but they will work more flexibly, learning new methods, in close collaboration with humans and also by making even critical desicions by themselves. This training will introduce a holistic view to smart industrial robotics and their safety, the role of collaborative and QA-oriented robots in smart manufacturing and examples of robots driving manufacturing growth. If you plan to work with robots of tomorrow, it’s time to tune up the thinking!
Robots will have more and more wide-ranging tasks in smart manufacturing of tomorrow. Ongoing industrial revolution is changing the way we think and experience the robots around us. The earlier we are opening our thinking to the new features of robots, the earlier we are ready to make plans for robotics comprehensive integration in all parts of smart manufacturing. Learning outcomes of this training
  1. Absorb a holistic view to smart industrial robotics
  2. Get to know the principal features that enable the advanced robots
Structure of the training
  1. Webinar 1
  2. Assessment 1
  3. Webinar 2
  4. Assessment 2
  5. Workshop with an introduction
The training will give ideas, how to bring different knowledge and examples of advanced robotics in smart manufacturing to the automation education. The new technologies will create more jobs than destroy them. Those who are ready to take advantage of the robots, will win this race!
Vocational teachers and educators who’d like to learn about the more wide-ranging tasks of advanced robots and their key enabling technologies in smart manufacturing.
State of the art robotics in smart manufacturing, collaborative robots, QA-oriented robots, examples of robots driving manufacturing growth.

Learning from the best

Mirka Leino PhD
Head of Automation Research Team, Principal lecturer, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences

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