Holistic View of IoT

Training will have the simplest setup of an IOT device as an example and explains how it reads and communicates data but also how the external system will interpret that data and what possibilities lie there.
What is IOT, how it works and what can be achieved with it. This training will open up what IOT is in general. We will study sensors, simple / homemade IOT gadget, complex industrial IOT gadgets, data analysis and monitoring and finally optimization according to the data.
IoT or Internet of things is quite wide term, and more and more devices fall under that category. In this course you will develop good understanding what are the crucial parts in IoT and what makes an IoT device really an IoT device.
  1. Learning outcomes of this training
  2. Learn how the IoT and devices in that ecosystem work and communicate Understand how to communicate with APIs
  3. How to use data
Structure of the training
  1. Basics
  2. Case study
  3. Innovating
  4. Data
  5. Cloud service / API
  6. Data analysis
  7. Optimization and action according to data
  8. Self-learning case 5G or IIoT
IoT is here to stay. It is time to understand the term deeper and start to innovate the future implementations, especially now when 5G is soon becoming a standard connection.
Teachers and educators who would like to learn what IoT really is, not just the shell.
Ability to design and ideate an IoT device ecosystem.

Learning from the best

Peter Virtanen
Full-time lecturer and entrepreneur, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences.

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