Company visits and interviews by Sataedu

Here in Finland we Sataedu and our friends at SAMK combined our forces and strengths and we made the interviews in joint effort. We’re able to get 8 in person interviews. Let’s see how we managed to do them.
Our team gathered a list from the potential companies in the region. We contacted the companies that are in the automation, metal industry and electric manufacturing businesses. We booked the interview & visiting times and made the interviews in face to face contact with the valid people from company. Reception was approving and we had a nice discussions about the questionnaire As a VET provider point of view it’s always good to hear that what skills are on the frame at that very moment. In some companies we had an opportunity to have a sneak peek in to the production lines and to the automation units among the production.
It was great to notice that the green skills are already in production in many ways. Funny thing is the information overload according to green skills. Most of the interviewed people were asking that what are these green skills. Once the concept was unveiled they practically saw the green skills as an everyday transaction.
We were extremely lucky to be on the top of the interviews before the covid19 paralyzed our normal interaction with the partner company’s. It was easy to get on the same page in the interviews with the people.

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