Centres of vocational Excellence – Skills ecosystems for innovation, regional development and social inclusion

We are proud to have been able to present our Talentjourney project to the world public at the virtual conference of Centres of vocational excellence. The conference purpose, organized by Tknika in cooperation with the European Commission, was showing real examples of the 5 pilot projects approved under the first call of proposals for Centres of Vocational Excellence. The online workshop shared the approach to VET excellence and the future of the platforms of Vocational Excellence. The conference provided a mixture of policy vision and strategy and practical examples to allow participants to fully grasp the concept of excellence in VET in the European context.

65% of future jobs will require a VET qualification in Europe and, therefore, it is necessary for the VET systems to change, adapt to the new times and provide students with skills, competences and knowledge that will allow them to adapt to the new world and perform different jobs in the future. VET centres should be completely student-centred, drivers of innovation, sustainability, employment and social inclusion. They should become drivers of competitiveness, innovation, sustainability and social well-being. They should be firmly anchored in regional strategies, they should provide a whole set of services apart from initial training and they should have a strong partnership with other agents in the strategic triangle.

A new approach to VET excellence, where VET institutions are capable of rapidly adapting skills provision to evolving local needs, is essential to raise the attractiveness, relevance and quality in VET.

The conference is available at the following link:





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