Wp 2.3 Trans-national CDS vocational curricula and life-long trainings-ideation

The Talentjourney transnational joint curricula developed within the project partnership will ultimately be used as a catalyst to roll out the concept across the EU vocational education and training (VET) system. The EU manufacturing industry skills shortages are well documented … Read More

Wp 2.1 Skills Data Collection for Connectivity Devices and Services (IoT in Smart Manufacturing)

The manufacturing sector has an optimistic future and can provide major opportunities for people to develop rewarding careers in an industry that is an essential part of the European Union (EU)’s economic infrastructure. Manufacturing is an essential service that is … Read More

WP 5: Insights, Personas and Ecosystem Maps

Deliverables for the explore phase of Work Package 5 were finalised and presented to partners at the Italian partner meeting in December 2020. A full day of the international meeting was dedicated to the WP 5. The first part of … Read More