A robot visited the Ouman factory for trial days

The electronics factory Ouman tested a transport robot in production to evaluate the robot’s efficiency in the factory’s daily work. The supplier company Demec CNC first provided the robot to test it, the trial period lasted a week and turned out to be very successful.

The MiR100 robot for parcel transport is of Danish origin, and the purpose of the trial period was to get an idea of the robot’s performance. “In Ouman, there are situations on a daily basis where technical components have to be sent from warehouse to production or, vice versa, it is necessary to bring something from the production side to the warehouse. This means that the warehouse worker takes the trolley and transports the necessary components to the ordered place. The distance to the other side of the building will be a good 100 meters,” explains Rando Kubits, the CEO of Ouman. “Sometimes you have to move back and forth 20 or more times a day and it takes a considerable amount of time from the employee’s day. That’s why we tested the robot to see if it would be worth leaving parcel transport on the robot in the future to save people footwork.”

The robot that worked at Ouman can carry a load of up to 100 kg at a time, but there are also MiR robots that carry a weight of up to 300 kilograms at a time. In order to work, the robot needs a map of the area to be set up with the marked points between which robot has to move. If there is an obstacle on the road, the robot will wait a while and if the obstacle does not disappear, the robot will choose another route. When the robot is not working, it goes to the charging station by itself. In Ouman it took about half an hour to make the necessary settings.

Everybody in the factory was sure that the robot proved to be an extremely effective helper, allowing to save one person’s salary costs per month. Thus the procurement of the robot was added to the budget plan. For the start, Ouman Estonia will acquire one transport robot and no one has to worry about losing
their job – the MiR100 is not intended to replace human labor, but to support it. Already during the trial days, it could be seen that the factory family warmly
welcomed the robot colleague – there was a lot of excitement, the robot was given a lot of pet names.

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