Monthly Archives: January 2021

Holistic view of IOT training

What is IOT, how it works and what can be achieved with it. This training will open up what IOT is in general. We will study sensors, simple / homemade IOT gadget, complex industrial IOT gadgets, data analysis and monitoring … Read More

Pact for Skills

In the coming months we plan to organise a series of webinars on relevant EU funding opportunities. The first webinar will focus on Erasmus+ and will take place on 2 February 2021 from 10:00 till 11:00 CET. During the session … Read More

December 2020

Talentjounrey and European platform for urban greening

Talentjourney project participated at the kick-off  meeting of a new CoVE project  – European Platform for Urban Greening. The Talenjourney project aims and objecitves were presented as well as our experiences of the first year of implementtion. Urban Greening project … Read More

Wp 2.3 Trans-national CDS vocational curricula and life-long trainings-ideation

The Talentjourney transnational joint curricula developed within the project partnership will ultimately be used as a catalyst to roll out the concept across the EU vocational education and training (VET) system. The EU manufacturing industry skills shortages are well documented … Read More

Wp 2.1 Skills Data Collection for Connectivity Devices and Services (IoT in Smart Manufacturing)

The manufacturing sector has an optimistic future and can provide major opportunities for people to develop rewarding careers in an industry that is an essential part of the European Union (EU)’s economic infrastructure. Manufacturing is an essential service that is … Read More

IoT and IIoT: strategies and good practices in the Veneto Ecosystem

A webinar on IoT and IIoT strategies and good practices took place on December 2nd. It was organised by Ecipa Scarl at the end of the Third International Partners’ Meeting. It represented an occasion for TalentJourney Partners and for other … Read More