Monthly Archives: September 2020

Working group meeting at Mahle EDS

One of the main results we are pursuing through the implementation of activities within the Talentjourney project is the development of a joint curriculum. A lot of efforts are put to design joint curricula that will enable the learners and … Read More

Teaching IoT skills: some insights

Despite the lockdown for coronavirus, the activities planned for the Talentjourney Project continued in June with remote web calls at ISIS Malignani.    The preparation of an interview with EFL partner has been the starting point, for a group of teachers, to reflect on the main aspects of teaching regarding IoT related … Read More

Smart robotics systems in mass production

When it comes to mass production the trends of robotics include smart robotics systems. The aim is to upgrade the current robotics system, to the point where it can ensure education and project work for high school students, higher education … Read More

Centres of Vocational Excellence conference

We are kindly inviting you to join the online conference »Centres of Vocational Excellence« within the European Week of Regions and Cities. Conference details Date: Wed 14, October 2020 Time: 11:30 – 13:00. More info: This world café invites … Read More

Talentjourney 2.1 Report

Skills Data Collection for Connectivity Devices and Services/CDS (IoT in Smart Manufacturing) We are pleased to publish a report prepared as part of the research on the needs for skills and knowledge in the field of IoT.

IoT Edge Computing 2020

Working with device data in IoT projects can be surprisingly expensive. Connecting devices directly to the cloud is one way to go, but more and more use cases are incorporating edge computing to great benefit. An edge device is internet-enabled … Read More